Request Granger Recycle Cart / Refuse & Recycling Information


The City of St. Johns Rules and Regulations are as follows:
Trash/recycle pickup is on Wednesdays or Fridays depending on your location. Refuse and recycle carts must be curbside by 7:00 AM on pick up day. 

Refuse & Recycling Pickup Schedule 

North of M-21 & West of US-27 - Wednesday Pickup

North of M-21 & East of US-27 - Wednesday Pickup

South of M-21 & West of US-27 - Friday Pickup

South of M-21 & East of US-27 - Wednesday Pickup

Each residence is issued a refuse cart for trash collection (brown lid) and a recycle cart (yellow lid).  Please email to request a Granger refuse or recycle cart if you live within the city limits or call City Offices at 989-224-8944 during normal business hours   (M-F 8:00-5:00).
-Old furniture, large appliances, water heaters, beds, or other large items, will not be picked up. It is your responsibility for disposal of these items. You can contact A disposal company directly to arrange to have these items picked up, at your cost or you may wait until the spring cleanup in May.

RECYCLE BATTERIES --- Bee's Sports at 2138 S. Business 127, St. Johns will accept your lead acid and alkaline batteries, at no cost to you.

Batteries/Cell Phones/Ink Jet Cartridges can be recycled in City Offices.

Types of Batteries Accepted: Nickel Cadmium/Lead acid batteries/Mercuic oxide, button cell batteries/Lithium batteries/Alkaline or zinc carbon batteries. No auto or marine batteries will be accepted in city offices. 

The Lions Club has operated a recycling program in St Johns since 1978.

The center is located on North Swegles Street between Steel and Lincoln streets in St Johns.

NEW! You may now recycle larger items at the recycling center such as:


Scrap Metal 

Water Heaters


Electronics (No TV's) 

*For more information contact Roger at 989-640-1313*